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CEO Spotlight: David Kerbel of Rritual Mushrooms

Sep 30, 2020 • 7:08 AM EDT
3 MIN READ  •  By Michael Berger
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Welcome to MushroomStocks.com! Today, we are fortunate to have David Kerbel, CEO of Rritual join us to give some insight and direction into what we see as one of the emerging leaders in the functional mushroom space. Rritual, makes premium plant-based elixir powders in small batches featuring mindfully selected medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs.

Can you please provide some color into your background in the CPG space and what attracted you become CEO of Rritual Mushrooms?

I have been in the CPG business for 34 years. My experience with Procter & Gamble and Crossmark proved learning and insight into multi-billion dollar brands. In addition, my experience with Celsius and The JET Collection have given me the opportunity to work with emerging brands and developing categories.

The attraction to Rritual is the opportunity to leverage my experience and combine this with a great product and a great brand. The chance to help build a world class team and merge that with a brand that is about to experience explosive growth.

We are impressed with the track record that you have with Celsius Beverages. Can you please tell us about some of the similarities between Rritual and Celsius. How will your expertise benefit the business?

Celsius and Rritual are similar in that they both began with the end goal in mind. The goal then and the goal with Rritual is the same, give consumers what they are craving, and customers what the want a product the delivers a result and develops a loyal customer base  At Rritual we offer a differentiated product, we are committed to educate consumers and move with lightening speed. The experience I have developed over the years is to be laser focused on success and to get results.

What are some of the key pillars of Rritual? How will the brand differentiate itself and resonate with consumers?

Solve a problem and give the best solution. Rritual has focused on what consumers have said they want better sleep, more focus, stronger immune system. We are different in 2 ways the product & purpose, we only use the best ingredients and make it in small batches so we have consistence and carefully crafted product. Purpose we choose each ingredient specifically to deliver and desired result for our consumers. We want to be part of their daily ritual so need all of those aspect to work together.

In regard to growth, what is the company’s strategy to drive revenue?

Simple formula. First to get Rritual to within an arm’s length of consumer desire. Second is to listen to and support our retail partners. Third is to educate our consumers and finally, to always innovate.

From a strategic growth standpoint, the company seems to be targeting certain geographies. How does Rritual determine which markets to focus on?

Like any emerging brand or category you have to have a laser focused strategy. The launch strategy we have put together for Rritual maximized our resources by focusing a key regions and channels to drive trial of the products sustained long term growth.

We have seen some investors drawing similarities between functional mushrooms and CBD in terms of addressable market and growth prospects. Do you see any similarities between the two?

From a top level view, I see similarities. Both categories leverage consumer demand for natural alternatives for wellness.

I see major differences for investors though. Unlike CBD, that today sees regulatory issues which inhibit the retail market, there are no issues or barriers with functional mushrooms.

Additionally, Rritual is the premium brand in the space, with great branding and a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that taste great

Is there anything in particular you would like to tell our readers about Rritual and why they should be aware of the opportunity?

Rritual is the right product, introduced at the right time and has a world class team devoted to success. Rritual is the trusted brand by consumers, who will make our experience, a daily ritual..

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Authored By

Michael Berger


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